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Kauai County, HI, Massage Therapy

Kaua’i is proud to have MANA MASSAGE Kaua`i – respected and recommended by Kama’aina and visitors alike! Manima and her ohana are caring and skilled Licensed Massage Therapists offering quality massage and Advanced Integrative Bodywork & Energy Work with the touch of compassion and Aloha.

Hawaii Licensed Therapists

Leslee Dancosse, providing massage therapy for you in Kauai County, HI
Licensed and practicing 36 years, Kauai Massage Therapist Leslee “Manima” Dancosse, LMT, is truly a Master massage therapist/Body worker/Energy Worker; she has a holistic Mind/Body/Spirit awareness, and the presence of deep Compassion in her touch… She is the founder and director of Mana Massage Kaua`i, one of the first massage offices on Kaua`i. “You and I begin the session with your “intention”. I listen carefully, and with presence, sensitivity and compassion I assist you, using advanced Bodywork techniques, relaxation massage, feather-light Craniosacral or Energy Work to address your needs that day, in that moment." 

Her initial studies began in the 70’s with Yoga and Pranayama (breathwork) at the Integral Yoga Institute founded by Swami 
Satchidinanda, then in 1980 on the Big Island of Hawaii with noted HAWAIIAN LOMILOMI MASSAGE specialist and teacher “Aunty” Margaret Machado; onto MYOFASCIAL RELEASE, TRIGGER POINT (studied with John F. Barnes, P.T.), DEEP TISSUE and EMOTIONAL RELEASE studied with Barry Green, PhD, SPORTS MASSAGE,(Myk Hungerford, PhD. and Zhenya Kurashova Wine P.T.) CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (Upledger Institute), HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK with Stanislav Grof, Way of the Shaman: SHAMANIC HEALING with Michael Harner, SOUND HEALING (Jonathan Goldman trainings).

She also offers PREGNANCY MASSAGE, ENERGY BALANCING & HEALING, REFLEXOLOGY, ORGANIC Oils, Manima’s unique AROMATHERAPY Oil Blends specially made on Kaua’i, Yoga & therapeutic stretching and Conscious breathing with your needs as the guide. And, she’ll float you in the Pacific with AQUACRANIAL® THERAPY (Rebecca Goff).

“You and I begin the session with an “intention”. I listen carefully, and with presence, sensitivity and compassion I assist you in the release of any old patterning of mind/body/emotions, restoring balance, harmony and Wellness throughout. Immersed in Healing Sounds and connecting consciously with your breath while the wonderful scent of Aromatherapy blends (created here on Kaua’i by Manima), waif by… feel your tension dissolve and a refreshing spaciousness open your body with Myofascial Release, enhancing the flow of vital healing ‘MANA’ (energy) throughout; then soothe and realign with long luxurious strokes of Hawaiian Lomilomi, specific therapeutic Sports Massage, or other modalities; all which can be combined with deep penetrating Hot Lava Stones. Following your session, delight in relief from pain and stress, and a reawakened sense of wholeness, harmony and well- being. Health & Wellness!!”

Long Lasting Bodywork*

Relieved and satisfied clients comment on the long-lasting effects of Manima’s skilled bodywork blend of Myofascial Release plus the modalities you need on the day of your session.

Transformational Energy Work (Journey)*

Her ’signature’ specialty is an extended 2 hour session of heart-centered intuitive Craniosacral Therapy combined with Sound Healing, Energy Clearing & Balancing, guided by your intention gently inviting you into a deep state of consciousness; awareness and clarity of the ‘core’ issue(s) sparks the expansion toward an alchemy of transformational shift, as you reawaken to your innate ‘whole’ self… the playground for deep and lasting healing. Empowering your Self; Recognizing your Point and Power of ‘Choice’. “I describe it as Transformational Energy Work in response to the comments of my clients. And, to enhance this ‘journey’, I suggest immersing yourself in the serenity & magic of the Sacred Wailua River energy while receiving your Craniosacral & Sound Healing sessions…” 

“I welcome your questions and enjoy supporting you in healthy choices through Heart Centered Intentional Bodywork, Intuitive & Energetic Touch, Compassionate Communication skills and health supporting products and foods. You’ll also be given suggestions and tools for Wellness maintenance”. Manima


Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Relaxation Massage, Craniosacral Therapy. Available Wailua & out call.

Amy, Shelley, Karen

Hawaiian Lomilomi and therapeutic massage. Available  Wailua and Out calls.

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Mana Massage Kaua`i mission statement

To share the gifts of helping people connect with their inner joy and compassion, through bodywork and teaching to increase peace and love in individuals, our communities and our selves.

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