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What People are Saying

What people are saying
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"My friend and I received a massage from Manima and it was was wonderful. We booked the Wailua River valley location and it was so peaceful and relaxing. She is very professional and listens to you and asks about any issues you may have before you start. We got our massage the day after we landed and it was a great way to start our vacation." ~Sarah S., NY April 2016
"Called to book an outdoor massage during our 26th anniversary trip. Manama was great to squeeze us in first thing in the morning. 
We arrived at an amazing location overlooking the Sacred Wailua River Valley. Manima and Amy gave us the best messages ever, accompanied by the exquisite sounds of the river, birds singing, and the wind rustling the wind. 
We both left happy and relaxed. We will be returning next trip." 

~Donhoff, April 2016

"That was phenomenal!! You're very strong and sensitive... I like deep work and you went deep yet knew when to ease up, then I felt the release..."  ~ W. Toby Christensen, Dec '12

"The massages we received today were truly the best massages either of us have ever had and a highlight of our trip! It was great meeting you as well :) Mahalo"

~ Paul Madott, Nov '12

"You are such a wonderful person and this is reflected on everything you do. Thanks again for a wonderful massage and for helping us to have such peaceful and relaxing experience.

We truly enjoyed Kauai and hope to return soon. We will definitely get in touch with you when we come next time. May peace and love always be with you." 

~ Eser Tufekci, May '12

"Leslee, thank you for saving my vacation! With just two sessions, you 'dissolved' that muscle knot under my shoulder blade so I could continue at the gym, go kayaking and horseback riding. Your massage technique directly addressed the issue and your own high energy level exudes a sense of well being. As I head home I feel great, loose and relaxed. Wonderful memories of Kaua`i!"

-Walter Reynolds ~ Feb '12

"We just got home from our trip. We've relived our experience over and over again. Too bad we do not have the setting here like what we had there!! Thank you again for putting it together."

-Mahalo, Jim Coleman ~ July '11

"Mahalo for what proved to be the most energetically awesome massage from you! I look forward to many more! Blessings be! GREAT site (Wailua Valley) for a truly GREAT experience that is more spectacular than your site can convey!"

- Pohaikalani Kirkland, Kaua`i

"A few months back I had a couples massage with Manima (Leslee) and Karen at the Wailua Valley Overlook spot. This made my girlfriend's birthday very special. This tranquil spot is pure magic. This beautiful spot was totally rejuvenating. During our massage I had visions of these beautiful trees spiraling upwards sending energy through my whole body.At one point Karen was doing a massage stroke on my feet and it felt like her hands transformed into butterflies, flicking my feet with their wings. I could really tell that you both were connected with the spirits of the trees and the valley during the massage. Thank you for everything you do and helping to make our first trip to Kauai an unforgettable one. Mahalo!"

-Namaste, Conor Johnson, Glenwood Springs, CO USA ~ June '11

"I was lucky to have a session with you while I was visiting Kauai last month. I owe you a debt of gratitude for saving my vacation. Your caring cranio-sacral treatment relieved me of the vertigo I was experiencing. As soon as you started working on me I knew you had magic hands. Most of all, I could felt your interest and concern to help me through my pain. I could immediately tell you love what you do. I've wished I could see you again for a myofascial session, perhaps on my next visit to the islands. Mahalo nui loa!"

~ Lilinoe, Dec. '10

“Wow, as the owner of a spiritual retreat company I’ve had lots of Energy Work, but this was by far the best. During my session I was transported on an incredible journey that I am still processing several weeks later. We’re very excited to work with such a gifted healer!”

~ Ed Preston, SpiritQuest Retreats, Sedona, AZ ~ Nov '10

"It was wonderful to meet you a few weeks ago. Juan and I are still talking about our wonderful massage experience, even though we have been back on the mainland for almost 3 weeks. I can't express enough how powerful your aquacranial treatment was. Whew!!! I am tearing up right now as I type this email. I appreciated your listening skills as I opened up about my childhood and more importantly your gentleness. I have a renewed sense of energy, clarity, and motivation to conquer my weight issues and insecurities. Thank you Leslie, really, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I can't wait until we meet again. May our God continue to bless you and continue to nurture your incredible talent...I pray for your continued health. Here are a couple pictures I love to look at...Enjoy my dear friend." 


Monica May '10

"The precision with which Manima maps my body is most unique. Laser-like precision in mapping the dis-ease. She didn't need to press hard to have an effect. She followed it through my cells! Because of what I would describe as childlike innocence in her hands she's able to release deep into my cells, easily and naturally."

-Layna Larot, Kaua'i ~ August '08

"My friend Tina and I got a massage from you and we have not stopped talking about how wonderful it was. The pain in my right hip has subsided and I am able to sleep on that side for a change."

-Yvonne K., Oahu Business Exec. ~ July '09

My thoughts on my most amazing massage experience -

"As a massage therapist, I have the blessed opportunity to visit many different therapists and spas. Nothing touches the experience I had with Mana Massage and Leslee Manima. I had the distinct pleasure of having my Lomilomi experience at the Wailua location. And I have to say that spas all over the world try to mimic the tranquil settings that this outdoor setting gives you naturally. The whispers of the wind through the Sacred valley lightens the spirit the first moment you arrive. This is truly one of the most amazing massages given by one of the most talented therapists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

When I return to Kaua'i, Mana Massage will be the first place I go, so I can begin my stay refreshed and renewed in both body and spirit. Thank you!" 

-Chenoa, Puyallup, WA.~ August '08

"THANK YOU for the wonderful, amazing massage/healing experience with you on Kaua'i. You really helped me to shake off what was ailing me that week so the remaining 3 days of my trip were easier for me. You also really helped me to GET MORE IN MY BODY, which is a current major project of mine! I just loved Kaua'i and so enjoyed meeting you! I will be back!!!!"

-Carol Ann Ciocco, July '07

"Mahalo for the magic! It was exquisite alchemy in a perfect setting, from the whispers of the Wailua River rising out of the sacred valley, to the canopy of stars above. Your hot stone massage under that fragrant tree laced with tinsel fire and tiki torches was a peak bodywork experience for me, and a welcome aloha for my first night on Kaua'i. I felt renewed, as if I, too, would leaf out in twinkle lights like the tree and stars overhead. Thank you so much for your loving professionalism. Everything, from our first correspondence, to arranging for a deposit, to the most subtle detail in that outdoor setting, was handled with careful attention. I am most grateful."

-Mahalo nui loa, Joan Poor

"Aloha! I can't believe I put off going to the "club" for a massage for all these years! Just a few minutes into the session, I knew it was the best massage I have ever gotten. Leslee/Manima, even never having worked on me before, knew exactly where the most crucial areas on my body were that needed special attention. I'd always put off going the the Kauai Athletic Club thinking it would be a "club-rub". How foolish of me to have searched all these years for a massage therapist like Leslee/Manima and not have considered using who the athletes use. I can't wait to try some of the other treatments Mana Massage has to offer."

-Jenny Stasio, Kaua'i~April '07

"I just want to thank you again for the wonderful massage you gave me during my stay on Kauai. I can't believe that it's been over 2 weeks and my body is still so relaxed and "new" feeling. You intuitively knew where your hands needed to go to work their magic on my tense, steel girder-like muscles and fascia. I've never had such incredible work done that allowed my entire body to release so beautifully. My muscles knew to trust your healing hands completely.

I will not only recommend you highly to all my friends, but will insist that they have a session with you so that they can enjoy themselves completely in Kauai by having you clear them of all stress brought on by the mainland lifestyle. 

A million heartfelt thanks and blessings!" ~ Rita C, NY Oct '03

"Thank you so much for the 2 hour massage you gave me at your Wailua location when Jerry and I were visiting Kaua'i last month. It was such a beautiful setting and an awesome experience. Not to mention how wonderful I felt for about 2 weeks after that, until I returned to work. I was so tense and tight but after the hot stones, the lomi lomi, deep tissue and myofascial, all my stress and tension and knots were gone. I wish I could have brought you home with me. I have recommended you to all my friends that frequent Kaua'i. Thank you again. I can't wait to return for another session."

-Roberta Notrangelo, Calif. Professional

"I have been seeing Leslee for over 20 years now and, where I have seen other Massage Therapists during this time, I can truthfully say that no others can compare with her. Her hands intuitively seek out the source of problems and release the tension. In some subliminal way Leslee is able to communicate with her client's physical needs and relieve the stress and relax and renew the Spirit. When she has completed her session I am refreshed, relaxed and pain free. She is the Best!"

-Martha F. Ryker, M.D., Kaua'i

"Of the three, very different, birthing methods of my children, the youngest, Daniel's, was the easiest and by far the most coherent of them all. Being my first totally natural birth, my sister, Leslee (Manima), assisted me by performing numerous types of massage and reflexology during the labor process, making the experience virtually, pain-free. The expertise in her hands and body movement and the knowledge in her mind served to relieve and relax my entire body throughout what could have been a contracting birthing ordeal, no, I think, nightmare might fit as a better word in this instance . She is a JEWEL in the massage world, a flower to be plucked by the select few that make it to her massage table. Kauai is SO lucky to have her. To honor her love and intense work on my behalf, Daniel was graced to have "Auntie Les" as his God-Mother. Thanks, deserve the best, for always giving your BEST."

-Aloha nui loa, Barb

"I loved that you had several techniques to work on the part of my body that needed help."

-Diane Strachan, Calif. Business Woman


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